Monday, June 17, 2013

BlendTec Giveaway

Isn't she a thing a beauty?

Ever see something before and know YOU HAVE TO HAVE IT?  Well that is how I feel about a BlendTec Mixer.  But I cannot seem to justify to my hubby the reason we should spend that kind of money on a blender.  He just tells me that you can buy one for a fraction of that cost.  He just does not understand.  Being a runner I drink a protein drink every single day.  I love them when they are icy and cold and well mixed.  He doesn't drink them but my kids do and I have a recipe that tastes like an Orange Julius (recipe below) and they go nuts for it.  They drink them every chance I will make one for them.  I need to win one!  Right now Discover Your Happy is giving one away.  Go over there right now...yes leave my!  And enter to win.  Good Luck!

Banana Orange Smoothie

2 cups OJ
2 Cups Ice
1 Scoop Vanilla Protein
1 frozen (slightly overripe) Banana

Place everything in Blender and blend until creamy smooth!  Enjoy...

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