Friday, June 14, 2013

Armpocket Giveaway

I have been a runner for quite sometime and I like love have to run with music.  I often will take my little iPod for my short runs.  However, on my long runs, trail runs and races I feel it necessary to carry my iPhone with me.  I have tried just about every system out there to carry my iPhone.  But I run into a huge problem...I am a klutz.  Seriously, my parents would call me butterfingers when I was little.  I have broken more phones in the history of phone devices.  I have resorted to using an OtterBox.  Anyone who has one has one story or another on how it has saved their phones, right?  Me too.  With all of the selection of arm, waist pocket contraptions to hold my phone I ALWAYS have to take the phone out of the OtterBox.  Hence, my problem, I then have my precious phone exposed to me dropping it.  I have recently seen a product that looks promising.  It is called the Armpocket.  They make it to fit all different kinds of phones and they even have one that holds an iPhone with an Otterbox case on it (listen to the heavens singing)!  I want need one of these babies.  Arent' the cool?  And they come in different colors, of course my choice is pink the best color ever.  I, however, have spent so much money on different armbands, waistbands, etc. that I am a bit nervous to buy another one. has solved my solution.  They are giving one away.  If you are a runner or an exerciser that likes to keep your phone with you check out the contest and good luck!  If you win let me know what you think and if I should get myself one.

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