Friday, March 5, 2010

Altered Soup Can

This is my first attempt at altering a soup can. I did it for a birthday party my daughter was attending. I think I was more excited about the party than my daughter-just so I could do this craft. When I first saw the altered can idea I knew I just had to do one, finally I got the chance. Too cute!

These are the steps:

Take the bottom of a pull top can off with a safety can opener (it will only work with this kind of can opener), leaving the pop top intact. Empty contents. Clean out can and dry. Remove any labels.

Measure the length and width of can. Cut out desired papers to use to wrap around can. I used glue dots to hold in place. They held better than regular scrapbook tape.

Place contents inside the can. Replace bottom on can. I used super glue hold the bottom in place (use sparingly). Put a bow on top to decorate the lid. When the person is ready to open the gift they will have to "pop" open the can to get the contents out.

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