Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My First Influenster VoxBox

Have you heard of Influenster.com?  I know I am a little slow when it comes to technology and trends.  But this site it great.  You get to place you opinions and reviews for different products.  I have put several different reviews in for items.  When you have done this so many times you are then offered surveys to see if certain products are good for your household.  I just got my first VoxBox.  I got it from Suave.  I love Suave products.  I think they are great quality for a great price.  I use many Suave products in my home already.  I received a lotion, body wash and a kids mousse.  Get this...they are full size items!  How awesome is that.  I love that they gave us full size items.  Often times when you get a sample it is hard to know whether you like something because you run out of it too fast.  Here is my opinion on what I got.

The Suave Naturals Sweet Pea and Violet lotion.  The smell is floral but not strong.  I love that this lotion makes my skin feel like lotion really moisturizes.  I am a runner and running in the cold it makes my skin really dry.  This lotion is yummy to my skin!

The Suave Men's Body Watch.  The smell is wonderful.  It is a manly smell without being too strong.  It is something that my teenage boy loves.

Who knew that there was a Mousse for children?  I love the smell of the Suave Kids Mousse.  I would use it myself.  I like that it styles without feeling heavy.  My teenage daughter is enjoying this item.

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