Saturday, May 25, 2013

Healthy Cinnamon Rolls

 I have been living a low carb lifestyle for quite sometime.  It has always been my go to when I need to lose weight but recently I have taken a permanent switch over to eating this way.  For the most part it has been an easy transition but only with lots of research on recipes.  I have found several places that offer great resources and recipes.  I used to love to have something starchy to start the day off but with the lifestyle switch it seemed like my choices were eggs or more eggs or something that looked like a muffin but guess what it still tasted like egg!  I stumble upon a great site for recipes but she also has a passion for what she does.  She goes further and explains why you should or should not be eating something.  Her name is Maria Emmerich and her site is here.  I love that she has many options for those starchy foods that we crave so much but they are low carb and healthy for you.

For instance, these cinnamon rolls.  They are delicious and I do not feel guilty eating them.  Click here for the recipe.  And while you are there look around her site, she has great recipes and information.

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