Sunday, July 1, 2012

I NEED to win one of these bags!

I want need a camera bag. I have had a Canon Rebel for several years now. I am always too afraid to take it anywhere for fear I will ruin it. I wish I could afford to get one of these adorable bags from Ephiphanie Bags. I would have such a hard time picking just one. In order to get my hands on one of these bags I am willing to enter their contests.

I can just imagine carrying this beauty around.

Look at this lovely lady bag!

Hot!  Hot!  Hot!

I could carry so much with these bags.

The theme for July is:  Independence!  I got independence this year in the form of a girls week.  I have never been away from my family in 15 years.  I have been the dutiful wife, the loving mother and caregiver to all.  I wanted no needed to get away.  After much begging and pleading, my husband conceded to let me run a half marathon in Disney on one condition:  I take a friend.  Who else would I take than my bestie, Paige.  We had the time our our lives.  We knew it was a once in a lifetime chance and made the best of the time we had together!

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