Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Heartbeat Printable

I have to say that I fall in love with sayings.  I do not know exactly what it is, I think that it is the romantic side of me (there is not a huge piece in me).  Lets just say I hate flowers and candy I can get anytime.  I would rather be doing something active (like hiking or running) or building.  When you want to get to the heart of me you can have me hooked at "power tool"!  I saw this saying hanging on a wall and I it made me want to cry.  I knew i had to make a printable of it when I got home.  This say just tugs at my apron strings.  Reminds me that the role as mother is over in a heartbeat....If you like it but want it in a different color let me know.  I aim to please!

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