Friday, September 3, 2010

Operation Organization

Now that the kids are back in school, now I can organize (really it should be re-organize) my house. First order of business, the kids rooms. Over the next few weeks I will be building and constructing several different storage systems. Here is my first: Door hanging Bookshelf!

Supplies Needed:
4 - 1x4x8
2 - 1x2x8
6 - 2 inch L brackets
nail gun
First measure the height of your door (you need to do the full height because that is where the full supports are for hollow doors). Subtract 4 inches. Cut 2 of the 1x4x8 down to that measurement. Next measure the width of the door from doorknob to edge (or whatever width you want it). Cut down the other 1x4x8's to this length. Cut down the 1x2x8 to this length also. Next attach a top and a bottom 1x4 to the height boards. Next determine where you would like your shelfs to be placed. Nail them. Place the 1x2 about an inch above the shelf. This will be your ledger so that the things will not fall out. Attach the 3 L brackets to the top and 3 L brackets to the bottom. Paint. Attach to door. Fill and enjoy!

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