Thursday, July 29, 2010

Flat Iron Case

If you have a flat iron (which most of us do now-a-days) this a fantastic item to make. It not only holds your flat iron when not in use but also allows you the have a placemat to set it on when you are using it.

What you need:
2 of the same fabric cut to 7" x 15"
1 contrasting fabric cut to 7" x 15"
Insul-Bright cut to 7" x 15"
54" double fold bias tape (made my own to match contrasting fabric)
24" Ribbon that match
To make wide double bias tape. Cut strips of 2" fabric. Iron in half. Then iron the halves in half. Press center once again. Done. Take one of the #1 fabric pieces and fold one of them down 1" twice. Stitch across. This will eventually serve as the pocket.
Lay the fabric as follows: #1 fabric face down (will be the outside), the Insul-bright, then the #2 fabric face up(inside liner), then other strip of #1 fabric that was sewn face up (pocket). Mark two inches in from either side. Sew down the two markings. This will give you two sides of 2" and a center pocket of 3". Sew on your bias tape. All along the edges. Place ribbon on one side. Sew ribbon at 14" and then the rest is for tying the bow. **You do not want to sew it on both sides because you want to be able to move it out of the way to place your flat iron down. To use when flat iron is hot turn to the outside (non pocket side).


  1. Oh, THIS is something I need. Great tutorial!

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