Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Super Easy Tee Shirt to Tank

You will need:
One old Tee shirt
Cute model
Find an old tee shirt that you want to cut up. Tee shirts that are too small are perfect for this project. When you cut it up it will make it fit looser.
Carefully cut off the collar. Do not cut through both layers. Cut around the neckline if you cut through both layers the back will come down too far. Bring the front down about an inch lower than the neckline. Then cut off the sleeves (you can do both layers on this one). Cut the shoulder area in towards the neckline. Cut the back neck line about an inch thick all the way across. Do not cut both layers. Cut the strap in the middle to tie behind the neck.
Cut across the back from armpit to armpit.
This is how the back will look. Super Cute!

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