Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I just LOVE dirt!

A new flower bed. That makes--I don't know maybe 11 (my Mothers Day present--I got to go dig this out and plant it on Mothers Day--no interruptions).
My son at his piano recital--My daughter refused to let me take her picture.

One of my daughters comptetition dance teams.

My son at a baseball game (yep he's left handed)
This time of year is the absolutely craziest time for our family. We have dance competitions, plays being preformed, piano recitals, baseball games starting, gymnastic preformances, and that is in addition to all of the regular activities that I have my family in.

This does not include the itch that I get to get outside and plant. I have already started a new flower bed with a couple of more planned. Weeding--We can not forget weeding--that takes on a whole new life on its own. I then feel the freedom to run outside. Oh sweet freedom--to run on actual pavement instead of the treadmill. It makes you feel so alive.

If you are a runner check out this cool contest going on. It is through I am excited because I would love some of these prizes.

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