Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dog-Gone cute kennel pillow

Isn't my puppy dog cute? Ever since we got our dog he loves to sleep in his kennel however, I always put a towel in it for him. I thought it sure would be nice for him to have a pillow to lay on. I think it turned out cute and it seems as though he likes it.

What you need:
Fabric (enough to accomodate the size of your kennel)
Batting ( I used the thicker stiffer type and I double it)
Thread to match fabric
Sewing machine

Measure the floor of your kennel. Add two inches to both length and width. Cut 2 lengths of fabric to the size you need. Cut the batting a 1/4 inch less than the measurement you need. You can either use one layer of thickness (I used two but it was hard to sew through).

Starting from the bottom-layer the batting, then one piece of fabric right side up. Then lay the next fabric piece wrong side up. Pin the fabric and batting together at the edges. Sew these together batting side up (catching the batting). LEAVE YOURSELF A WIDE ENOUGH OPENING TO FLIP INSIDE OUT (the opening size will depend on the length and width--mine was small but I left a six inch opening to get all of the batting through).

Flip inside out (or is it outside in??) Then pin the opening closed and sew (you can whip stitch if you want but I am lazy and just used my sewing machine). Then stitch a edge around the pillow.

Draw a faint line from opposite corner to opposite corner (both sides making a X). Then find center on the top and bottom and sides (making a +). Stitch on these lines to create the design. This is so the batting does not shift around.

Done! You have yourself a cute kennel pillow!

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  1. I need to make my little Shitzu one of these.. So Cute!! I love your blog too!