Tuesday, July 15, 2014

WOW! It's been awhile!

Happy Summer Y'all!  I have been busy with my littles and enjoying the season.  I enjoy the lazy summer days and I am usually running.  I have not been able to run anymore do to a hip and knee injury.  They surgeon says no more running.  I have been in a kind funk because of it!  I have found one thing that I have enjoyed recently.  I have found myself buying Alex and Ani bracelets.  These bracelets are so cute.  The have different meanings to each of the charms and if you know anything about me then you know I am all over things that have meaning behind them.  I think it is the Native American in me.
Check how cute they are!
Seriously once you start buying them and looking at all of there meanings you will want every single one of them.  I allow myself one a week.  I seriously have a hard time deciding which one I will buy next!

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