Friday, November 30, 2012

Elf is in the House

 The Elf is in the House
Elf napping in his quilt sent from Santa!
What do you get when you have a mom craving to do crafts, a husband out of town and The Elf on the Shelf needing to start?  Well, a quilt session of course.  I have to be honest, I have never quilted in my life.  There was one time a made a square quilt for Columbine High School after the shooting but the work was done for me.  All I had to do was sew the squares together.  Someone else stitched and bound it. 
Fabrics I finally settled on!
I saw a cute quilt idea on Pinterest (of course) and got to thinking it shouldn't be too hard right?  The quilt was a simple strip quilt.  I went to the fabric store and encountered my first dilemma; how do I put 5, 6, 7 fabrics together and know if they are going to look good.  I had my three boys with me and all they wanted to do is get the heck out of the store, so they were no help.  I finally decided on 6 fabrics.  I got up to the cutting counter after what seemed like an eternity.  There was my next dilemma, how much of each fabric?  "Well, hmmm, a yard of each?  Oh crap I guess I also need a backing.  You cut those while I run a get some solid fabric..."  Lets just say the lady behind the counter was happy when I was done.  Time to check out...I need thread.  "Boys stay in line I will be right back..."
Quick thinkin' mom!
We finally made it out of the store.  Then I realized that the boys saw the fabric that I got to make the quilt that I had decided the elf was going to "return" in.  So now I had to come up with something...I decided to send the fabric to Santa and see what he could do with it.  Off went the fabric and a letter asking for Santa to return our Elf.  Perfect!

Now to get to sewing...wait am I suppose to wash my fabric first?  No time for that, I wanna quilt!  I cut my strips and questioned every cut I made but carried on.  Now to arrange and sew together.  Easy enough...Next basting.  I watched a little video from The Film is in the Fridge and decided to spray tack my fabric onto the batting.  Worked fabulously!  My last scary step, binding.  I was not sure that I would be able to conquer this step.  Thanks to Old Red Barn Company Blog Tutorial I was able to make it look like I have been quilting all my life!
What the strip quilt looked like finished
I love the quilt and think I have found a new hobby.  I love to shop for fabric and NEVER know what to do with it.  Well for now, strip quilts are it!

Special Delivery
This is how the kids got it this morning!  They were so exctied to have a package sent all the way from the North Pole! 
Elf wrapped up as snug as a bug in a rug
This is what they saw when they opened up the package.  With a poem written by me (I have a Poem Printable:)
It is once again that time of year
When your familys’ elf comes to spread good cheer.
It has been awhile since you’ve had an elf guest
Let’s go over some rules to make this year the best.
Your elf will watch over you all day through
And will report back to me about all you do.
Be good for sure and you will get a Christmas treat
But if not, you will only get socks for your feet!
Do not touch the Elf for if you do
He has to come back to see you know who!
He sometimes might cause some mischief and even hide
It is tough for Elves to stay out of trouble and be good all the time.
Enjoy him while he is with you for once Christmas is done
He has to go back to the North Pole and his won’t be around for anymore fun!
Santa and Crew

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