Friday, October 8, 2010

Spookily Easy Tombstones

These tombstones are creepy props but are super easy to make.

Things needed:
Black foamboard (Walmart has them with the posterboard)
Glue Gun
Brown Craft paper
Tombstone Printouts
Brown/cream/white cardstock paper
Black/grey/white/brown paint
Red and black ink pads
First thing you need to do is cut out tombstone shapes with your craft paper. You can get about 2 per foamboard (unless you make a large ones like the Dr. Arcula). Trace the pattern onto the foamboard. Cut out. I like to use a keyhole saw or a drywall saw for this. I am sure you can use an utility knife also.
Next using your hot glue gun make designs on the tombstone. Cracks, drippy blood, RIP, flowers, swirls, etc. are all ideas for the decorations. Let the hot glue dry. Once dry paint the tombstones grey.
Print out the Tombstone fronts onto tan/cream/white cardstock. Get them ready to mount on the tombstone. You can tear the edges or mount on other cardstock. Glue down. I like to use spray adhesive but you could use any paper adhesive.
On a paper plate or other surface place your black, white, grey and brown paint. Now dab your paint brush or foam brush onto diferent colors but do not mix them. You are going for a look that is splotchy. Blot the paint onto different areas of the tombstone be sure to get the edges of the tombstone fronts. Let dry. With your ink pads rub the tops of the hot glue to color them.
To get them to stand up, cut a 2 inch slit into the centered bottom of the tombstone. Cut strips that are 2 inches high and 12 inches long. Insert the strip into the slit and it will stand. To create the graveyard effect place moss around the tombstones and turn on the fogger that you have hidden behind the tombstones.

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