Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Repairing a damaged wall the proper way!

So many times before I have tried to fix holes in my wall. No not the little nail holes. I can fix those (at least I would hope so!) I mean the large ones that are too large to just throw some putty into it. Sometime ago I learned from a guy who came and did some work on my new home how to properly repair a hole so that it will be as sturdy as the reast of the wall. Recently, my darling sons decided to hang from one of my towel bars and ripped it clean out of the wall, I got to put my new found techniques to the test. Guess what--they passed. This will work for any large size hole.
You are going to need:

drill bit-screw head
drill bit-hole borer (I used 2 1/2")
extra piece of wood (I used 1" x 2")
extra piece of drywall
drywall nails

First, use your hole borer and drill out the damaged part of the wall.

Cut out holes to replace damaged part of the wall from the new piece of drywall. TIP: Go slowly and it won't tear the paper all up. Set these aside for now.
Cut the wood down to to the size of the borer plus 2 inches. Since I used a 2 1/2 inch borer I cut my wood to 4 1/2 inches. Attach a screw about a 1/3 of the way down the wood. This will serve as a handle to hold the wood. Place the wood into the hole. Screw drywall nails into the top and the bottom of the wood. Remove the handle screw.
Use the handle screw to attach the new drywall to the center of the wood and center of damaged area of your wall.

Fill edges with spackle (first time does not have to be perfect). Let dry. Sand. Fill a second time with spackle (make this one a little neater). Let dry. Sand. Fill a third time with spackle (make this one thin and neat as possible). Let dry. Sand.

Once all three layers are dry. Prime the wall. Then paint. You are ready to hang things back in the spot that you just fixed.

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