Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hot Water Bottle Sweater

I saw one of these in a magazine and thought how easy would it be to make one. It is so cute and much more comfortable to lay on.
  1. If there is a bottom flap on your watter bottle, carefully cut it off. You take your hot water bottle and trace it onto a manilla folder. Cut out pattern 1/4 inch larger than trace.

  2. Get an old sweater (one with a turtle neck). Trace pattern on the front side. Placing the neck of the pattern at the neck of the sweater. DO NOT CUT THE TURTLENECK LENGTH. NEEDS TO BE THERE TO FOLD DOWN. JUST CUT STRAIGHT DOWN ON BOTH SIDES TO THE START OF YOUR PATTERN.

  3. Cut out JUST the front side.

  4. Trace pattern on the back side of sweater. Again placing the neck of the pattern at the neck of the sweater. Cut out the back.

  5. Put right sides together and serge or zigzag stitch around the entire sweater leaving an opening at the turtleneck. **If you want to be really fancy you can stitch around the body. Turn right sides out and then stitch the under side of the turtleneck so that the seams do not show.**

  6. Roll up the water bottle longwise and place into sweater. It might be snug around the neck but get someone to hold the bottom of the water bottle and pull in opposing directions. It will go in. I rolled the bottle into thirds.

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