Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Four Leaf Clover

Items needed:

2x6x8.5 block
3 contrasting papers
Green paper to match papers
1 button
Nail File or sandpaper

I have wanted to add some Irish to our home. I came up with this easy clover. Take a 2 x 6 x 8.5. Paint three sides green, leaving the front unpainted. Choose a light paper for the background (front of wood block). Cut a little larger than block. Modge Podge on and let dry. Once dried use a rough nail file or sand paper to get the edges off. Get a contrasting paper cut 4 - 3 inch hearts. Cut a stem about 3 inches. In another contrasting paper cut 4 - 2.5 hearts. Cut a stem about 2.5 inches. Slightly curl all pieces. Using a glue dot place 2.5 inch hearts onto the 3 inch hearts at the points. Glue dot the stems together up at the top of the stem.

Take two of the hearts and overlap them at the points (180 degrees from each other). Then do the same for the other two hearts. Attach all of the hearts in the middle. Place button in the middle. Glue dot the all the connected hearts into the middle of the wood. Place stem under the hearts.

Tie a ribbon to the bottom of the block.

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